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Application Framework

Application Framework

What is the Expertys Application Framework?

This is a user, role, and workflow management tool that is used to define work environments for web applications. We use this tool as a shell for all its interactive applications.


  • Open architecture: more applications can be added gradually while the most critical security and application/data access tasks are managed centrally.
  • Cost mutualisation with other clients: The framework is provided as part of a deliverable while the additional cost is dependent only on marginal modifications/additions to the base framework.
  • Consistent data access and application security management.

How it works

The framework comprises a hierarchical construct of:

  • User management (can be integrated with LDAP, Active Directory or other systems)
  • Role management: who can access what?
  • Workflow management: who gets what when?

The hierarchical nature of this framework allows for the creation of virtually any permission-based work environment at any level for a given application. Since the tool is data centric, there is no need for mapping and maintaining complex business processes, which are and should be defined and managed at the application level.