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Contract Management

Interactive Business Relationship Management

Expertys' Interactive Business Relationship Management (IBRM) system is a web-based application suite for customer, partner, and supplier relationship management. IBRM supports all interactive business processes, whether internal to a company or vis-à-vis its customers, suppliers, and partners. And IBRM includes flexible XML interfaces to facilitate integration with other systems such as accounting and production management.


Provide a secure, robust and performing platform the manage the entire life cycle of business relationships, i.e. contracts.

Use the power of Internet technologies and a modular architecture to adapt to companies' business processes while leaving sufficient flexibility for future development


IBRM offers many benefits to companies that sell complex products and/or services. The system simultaneously supports any number of company locations, ensuring power, flexibility and economy in day-to-day operations. IBRM can be a highly attractive solution to companies working in fields as diverse as:

  • Leasing and infrastructure-management provision
  • Machine-tool and other industrial manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Management of software licenses and maintenance, etc.
  • Services

Again, IBRM is best suited to companies whose sales, purchasing and after-sales processes entail some complexity and volume, and typically involve many people with different functional roles and levels of authority. 

Standard IBRM functionalities 

IBRM supports all core business processes of the company: From pre-sales through sales and procurement, to materials management, invoicing, and post-sales. Major functionalities include support for:

  • Contact management
  • Product/service configuration
  • Proposal management
  • Contract preparation and conveyance
  • Internal and external negotiation and approval
  • Purchase order and manufacturing order generation and conveyance
  • Parts and materials reception and assignment
  • Customer invoicing
  • After sales maintenance
  • Basic reporting and notification



Among IBRM's principal benefits are the following:

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1. Quick ROI
Low implementation costs and hight productivity ensure fast ROI.
2. Business process centric
All IBRM functionality is defined in terms of business processes and their actors. Information flow across multiple functions is built-in and gapless.
3. Integrated solution
IBRM provides an end-to-end solution for companies wishing to streamline their main business processes. It can be integrated with each company's existing information systems, providing compelling additional functionality at low cost.
4. Lightweight deployment
IBRM requires no big implementation project. The system offers easy-to-use, flexible tools to define workflows and adapt quickly to business processes. All that is needed on the user end is an Internet connection and a Web browser.
5. Open architecture
If required, IBRM can be quickly and easily customized. As the system is based on Open Source, IBRM customers can access the source code, to independently define new system evolutions at will.
6. Internet era design
IBRM is designed for multi-site, geographically dispersed companies that may have independent commercial representatives or agents and business partners. System access is controlled from the customer's central location, and customer-defined roles determine exactly what all employees, subsidiaries, partners and suppliers have the right to do with the system. IBRM supports virtually any language for its user interface. The system supports xCBL and can easily be adapted to work with all mainstream XML standards. It is built specifically for today's B2B challenges.
7. Hosted or local business model
For companies wishing to avoid internal IT staff, Expertys provides IBRM on a hosted ASP basis. In this case, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines guaranteed functionality and performance at predictable monthly charges, and without any large initial investment. Conversely, a customer may prefer onsite installation of the system and an arrangement for onsite IT support.

Logical architecture

IBRM is a modular system consisting mainly of the building blocks presented below.

System and security administration

This module manages the IBRM configuration and all application security:

  • Authentication
  • User, function and role administration
  • User preferences administration (e.g., notifications)
  • Data and module access management
  • Data and template management
  • Language and localization (IBRM currently supports English, German, French, Spanish, and Polish)

Entity management

This module manages all entity-related data:

  • Company role (e.g., supplier, customer, partner, bank, subsidiary, etc.). Company roles are not mutually exclusive
  • All contacts and addresses, where addresses are managed by type (e.g., contract, delivery, billing, etc.)
  • Finance and accounting data
  • Transport preferences (email, Soap, etc.)
  • Attachments and interaction history.

Sales & negotiation (contract) management

This module manages the end-to-end pre-sales through sales process:

  • Proposal generation
  • Product/service configuration
  • Contract preparation and customization
  • Internal and external validation
  • Contract printing and conveyance
  • Process history.

Technical Architecture & Recommendations

IBRM is a multi-platform, grid-enabled business application of the e-business generation. It is fully based on Web technologies like Java, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, and all its XML structures follow xCBL recommendations as far as practicable. All interfaces to and from IBRM are therefore very easy to implement.

Platform recommendations:

Hardware: Intel, RISC

Operating System: Linux, Unix, MacOS, Windows

Application Server: Apache Tomcat -> Cocoon

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase

Distributed Services Server: OpenJMS

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