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IT Asset Management

Web-based IT asset management

Most organisations have the data required to manage their IT assets. The main difficulty in making effective use of the data is that it is usually distributed over diverse and disconnected systems. Fully fledged integration is difficult to justify because of its high cost. With Expertys' approach, companies can harness the information pertaining their IT assets no matter where the underlying data are being managed.


Provide a secure, holistic data repository for IT assets using data from all relevant sources including HR and facility management databases, leasing vendors, inventory systems, etc.

Enable performance indicators to measure data quality over time and adjust system parameters to optimise the management process.

Make the data available as information for management reporting and decision-making. Provide facilities for data viewing and extracting in different formats.


  • Better information for better decision making,
  • No new software investment necessary,
  • No change management,
  • No additional staff required and better productivity of existing staff,
  • Extensible model (can also be used for managing assets other than IT as, for example, production, laboratory and test equipment, cars, etc.).
  • Adaptive and transparent business model: ASP subscription model, no indirect costs or in-house operation.

How we do it

Initial set-up

Expertys perform a diagnosis of the client's existing IT asset management process. All relevant data sources (organisation, finance, IT) and process steps (asset life cycle) are identified and compared to a benchmark. Missing elements and weak links are equally identified and improvements are suggested.

All required data elements for a central repository are identified.

If necessary, data transformation maps (interfaces) for the source systems are specified.

Expertys then propose an appropriate system to gather that data on a regular basis.

The system is set up and fine tuned.


In an ETL (extract - transform - load) process, common in data warehousing applications, every time a new file is collected, it is compared to an older version to determine additions, changes, and deletions.

These events are recorded in a history base and a notification/report is sent to one or more people per email.

The data is consolidated with data from other sources according to a carefully designed strategy to ensure quality consistency.


Reporting and online maintenance

The central repository (Data Mart) typically will have as its objective to provide meaningful information for decision making and for information quality management itself.

Reporting can be performed through a web interface. A data extraction system can also be provided for advanced analysis tools.

Some data elements can be maintained on the central repository. For this, Expertys provide access to a private and customisable environment based on the Application Framework.