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10 rue Louvois
75002 Paris

+49 151 4052 8822



Built on Trust and Competence

At Expertys, we take trust, perseverance, character, competence, collaboration and excellence very seriously - they are at the core of our business values. Our company prospers because of our culture of teamwork, diversity and dedication.

We stand behind our principles every day to deliver consistent first-rate products and services to our clients.

Expertys' employees and community members share valuable characteristics. If you are:

  • self-motivated
  • honest
  • determined
  • well-rounded
  • diverse
  • hardworking
  • excellent relationship builders
  • fun-loving
  • teamwork oriented

... then you will fit perfectly into our team. Care to join Expertys or our consultant/development community? Send us an email with a motivation letter and your Curriculum Vitae today!