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10 rue Louvois
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The tools that we use to build our solutions

In spite of our emphatic business approach to building solutions, we apply deep technological skills and knowledge which, translated into software components, help increase process performance and efficiency.

Our tools have been developed based entirely on open source technologies like Apache Tomcat, Cocoon, and OpenJMS. Hence, we benefit both from a large developer community, which has and continues to develop highly competitive software, and from our own skills, field experience and pragmatism focused on the development of value-added modules and components.

Please visit the following links to learn more about them:

LIEN This tool was designed to perform tasks that historically were associated with EDI but using today's Internet capabilities. LIEN is the result of invaluable field experience in trying to harness the complexity of the b2b integration paradigm.

Application Framework This is a user, role, and workflow management tool that is used to define work environments for web applications. We use this tool as a shell for all its interactive applications.